30 May

Feeling so in love with my work.

It is such an incredibly privileged position to be in, being there for people with their biggest and often most hidden struggles.

I feel incredibly blessed to have access to some of the best possible tools so that, rather than helping people to simply cope and/or feel more supported with their concerns, I help them to actually transform them and to no longer have to work so hard to (initially) feel okay and (eventually), to have a dramatically increased capacity for happiness, relaxation, and joy.

Two out of two of the sessions I have done so far today I have gotten to see that familiar look of amazement on peoples' faces when - in a very first session - they realize that they suddenly are *already* noticing a change. Already experiencing an obvious improvement and their excitement at finding - sometimes for the first time in their lives, even though they have seen numerous therapists before - a tool that they can immediately tell actually works for them in a profound way.

And that maybe, just maybe, they are on the path to finally getting to where they have wanted to go.

Happy tears.

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