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Integrated Listening Systems (iLs) Focus System

With Focus we combine specially-treated music, bone conduction headphones, and air conduction technology together with physical movement.

This allows Focus to support brain integration and skill-building for anyone. It is wonderful for those with sensory-motor and neurodevelopmental challenges.

Those with concerns such as autism, ADHD, learning difficulties, auditory & sensory processing disorders, brain injury, trauma, sensory sensitivities, sound sensitivities, and more.
Ideal for both children and adults, the Focus System is easily integrated together with other modalities that may be being accessed.

Focus is also easily integrated into daily life.

Ideally iLs Focus is listened to for approximately 3-5 hours per week. Sessions can be done in either 30 minute or one hour increments.

For each full hour of listening, ideally about 15 minutes of special Focus "activities" will be done. These are things such as standing on one leg, tossing a bean bag, playing with a ball, using a balance board, and more.

Over the course of the listening program(s), as brain functioning is improved, the activities will become easier. As this happen the level of challenging with each activity is raised slightly and, as the higher levels are fully mastered, we then move on to new activities.

For the remainder of each hour of listening, both. kids and adults move on to doing other things. For adults this could involve tidying the house, doing yard work, cooking, getting ready for work, going for walks, etc...

For kids this may be different forms of playing. Using fine motor and gross motor skills by doing things such as playing with toys, drawing or colouring, gently bouncing on a mini trampoline, going for a walk, riding a bike, climbing, and more.
iLs Focus includes:
Calming Program
Sensory & Motor Program
Concentration & Attention Program
Reading & Auditory Processing Program
Two Optimal Performance Programs
A Playbook and Integration Kit for movement activities

The process begins with a brief written assessment to determine which of the included Focus programs may be relevant for you or your child.

Programs can be combined and condensed in order to shorten overall timeline.


NEW!! Focus has moved to a digital delivery format which now allows me to supervise remote use of Unyte-iLs Focus to people located virtually anywhere.

For those local to Brantford, Ontario, I do have a few physical iLs Focus systems on hand so those could be used instead of the app, and no purchase of the activity pack mentioned below, would be necessary.

To receive Focus through the new app - accessible from almost any location - you will also need to purchase an "activity" pack from the Unyte-iLs company for $299 US.   

The activity pack includes: an amplifier, bone-conducting headphones, waist pack, balance board, 2 bean bags, 1 racket ball, 1 tethered tennis ball, headband, Playbook, manual and carry bag. You then own the activity pack and, if at some point you no longer have use for it, it can be resold - I will be interested in purchasing some activity packs back from clients myself.

You will use the activity pack together with your own device onto which the Focus app has been downloaded.

Monthly fee (pay as you go): $240 CDN (approx $177 US)
6 month access: $960 (approx $710 US)
12 month access: $1620 (approx $1225 US)

Six and 12 month plans can be broken down into monthly instalments.

Family Discounts:

Additional family members accessing iLs Focus within the same time period are 50% off.