Koji's Quest (VR) Program is a fun and engaging gamified approach to neurological and cognitive rehabilitation. When approaches are fun they are easier to stick with! Great for kids and adults alike. So far I am seeing wonderful improvements with my own executive functioning and noticeable improvement with post concussion syndrome.

Koji's Quest VR image
Koji's Quest Virtual Reality (VR) Program For Cognitive Rehabilitation

Claiming neurplasticity - permanent change - with neurological rehabilitation requires repetition. Although many approaches to neurological transformation are not necessarily difficult, they are frequently not terribly engaging.

The Netherlands based Neuro-Reality company has gamified cognitive rehabilitation with their VR game Koji's Quest.

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Koji's Quest Pricing:

Please note:  Koji's Quest requires a Meta Quest headset.  I have limited ones available for an additional rental fee for those local to me, if you do not wish to purchase your own.  Please enquire for details.

Monthly fee (pay as you go): $160 CDN (approx $120 US)
3 Month access: $400 CDN (approx $295 US)
6 Month access: $720 CDN (approx $530 US)

Family Discounts:

Additional family members accessing Koji's Quest in the same time period are 50% off.