06 Mar

I am often contacted by people who have done enough research about neurofeedback that they are pretty excited to get started.

I was the very same myself. I really struggled with whether or not to go straight to purchasing my own system, or if I should rent one first.

On the one hand, purchasing a system is a significant investment and so it obviously really makes sense to try it out first before buying. And yet, I kept thinking at the time, that the rental fee could be applied towards the purchase price instead.

In my case, I had such fantastic results with neurofeedback that, before my rental period was even up, I had ordered my own system as I knew for certain that I never wanted to be without one again - not for a moment. My new system arrived the day before renting my rental. :)

In recognition of this renting first vs going straight to purchasing dilemma that can face those who are wanting to get started, I am now offering a rebate of up to $200 of your rental fee, should you move towards purchasing your own neurofeedback system after renting.  Please enquire for details!

Not local to Georgetown, Ontario? No problem! I ship NeurOptimal systems across Canada.

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